About Us

Eugenia Chen, Sophia Chen, Cameron Cook, Joshua Kwok, Chris Low, Henry Wang and Sasha Wemmie (with help from Jennifer Du and Wingel Xue) are friends with a common passion for music.

This "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" started with an idea to make music together as a group, and then became reality when one lazy cellist got off his butt and decided to make this "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" a reality.

Now, this group of friends regularly misses rehearsals and is lazier than ever. Hardly any work gets done and dreams are truly only dreams.

This "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" prides itself for being the only ensemble with violinists that play sitting on the floor and cellists that play lying on the couch. With this sort of commitment to real music, it is clear how much value we pride ourselves in the art that is music. Hopefully this truly touching story will inspire others to get together and make some banging noises (just like what happens at rehearsal).

Our Philosophy


The "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" has a strong belief in skipping rehearsals, forgetting about rehearsals and making excuses for not going to rehearsals. Within rehearsals itself, this ensemble makes sure all group members are being as unproductive as possible. Practices are not complete without throwing music in random directions throughout the rehearsal area in order to create "notes that soar."


The "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" has learned from experience that betting is a bad thing. No members of the "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" shall bet or partake in encouraging others to bet. Consequences may or may not result in water balloons to the face and stealing of money.

Our Instruments

This "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" is primarily comprised of musicians of the string variety: namely violinists and cellists.

Eugenia Chen, Sophia Chen, Cameron Cook and Henry Wang play the superior instrument: the violin. Rehearsals are also heightened by help from fellow violinist Jennifer Du.

The other "instrument" (if you even want to call it that) in this "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" is the *clears throat* uhum... the cello. This "instrument" is played by Joshua Kwok, Chris Low and Sasha Wemmie.

There are also other instruments and ways of making noise represented in this group. Joshua Kwok is not only a "cellist" but is also a percussionist and a yeller. Sasha Wemmie also is a member of the percussion family, the piano guys, the guitar peoples, the bass (electric) hillbillies and the singing unicorns. Chris Low belongs to the "Whatever you want" instrument classification. This "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" would not be complete without the talented Wingel Xue (AKA God) playing the viocello crappily.

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