Eugenia Chen

Eugenia, AKA Eugenius as dubbed by Wingel Xue, is not a Pokemon master. Instead, she chooses to master in playing "Twinkle and Variations" on the best instrument on Earth. Also, she is a minor thief. Repeat, MINOR.

Sophia Chen

This semi-talented individual likes to eat cupcakes - especially those baked by the non-Pokemon master. This cupcake-eating fanatic also happens to play violin while eating cupcakes - the reason behind her semi-talent.

Cameron Cook

This catmaster of the best kind, found with a totebag full of food, is usually throwing candy at people. Besides her amazing shoe-stealing skills, she also swims, but not with her violin.

Joshua Kwok

This tae-kwon-do master will kick your butt, literally, while playing the cello. He will also showcase his talent for yelling at the same time - a real feat.

Chris Low

Chris Low, or CLo, will amaze you with his rapping talent. He can rap about anything - including the names of all the Pokemon ever known to non-exist. His talent is extended by his knowledge of the "whatever you want" instrument.

Henry Wang

Henry, AKA William as dubbed by Wingel Xue, will wow you by not saying "a one, a four, a ching chong potato" like a true William, showing his name truly is Henry. He will also wow you by not saying "guluguluga" like a true William. *wow*

Sasha Wemmie

Sasha, who will wow you by not being a girl named Sasha, will instead wow you by his insistence on singing at every rehearsal. Besides singing, he can bang on his cello like a proper cellist when faced with difficult notes.


Together, the members of this septet form the "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name," the name of our dysfuntional ensemble.

Together, we stand. Together, we play. Together, we fall. Together, we go unconcious. Together, we wake up. Together, we join the fight against concussions... from tripping on musical instruments.

The "Dysfunctional Ensemble with No Name" will sit united against standing up in order to protect our future generation from tripping on their musical instruments.

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